We take very seriously the need to create a safe environment for choral rehearsing, as well as the safety and comfort of our audiences during performances. As you have undoubtedly noticed, seizing control of the COVID-19 virus is far from being realized.

The members of Lakeshore Community Chorus have experienced the grief of COVID-19 deaths and break-through cases in our own members and families. It is for these reasons that the LCC will take a break from rehearsing and performing until this virus is under reasonable control.

There is no doubt that, when the day arrives that we can once again be safely together, the LCC will rebound without skipping a beat! We look forward to the time when we will be able to sing for you again.

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Beginning the week of September 26, and continuing bi-weekly through the holiday season, you can experience past performances of the LCC via videos on our Facebook page and this website. We’re releasing only one song at a time: think of it as a musical coffee or cocktail break. Those on our mailing list will receive a special biweekly eblast announcement that will include the YouTube link to our “Midweek Musical Moments.” If you haven’t joined our mailing list yet, this would be a great time to do so!

O Come, All Ye Faithful

January 6th is the 12th and final day of Christmas, also referred to as Epiphany or Three Kings Day in the Christian churches. It is the time in the Christmas story when the people celebrate how the star (Light) led the Magi to visit the baby Jesus after he had been born. It is also a time to celebrate the Light that is within each one of us as well!

Appropriate for Epiphany is the song Adeste Fideles (O Come All Ye Faithful). Our final MIDWEEK MUSICAL MOMENTS for the holiday season features this song performed by our outstanding piano soloist and accompanist, Vivian Adel-Boot. She has been the accompanist and member of our LCC family for the past 5 years. Vivian resides in Fennville and is also the accompanist for the Fennville choirs. In addition to bringing to the keyboard extensive education and experience as a pianist and accompanist, she is a beautiful, sensitive soul. You will hear this in her performance of Adeste Fideles.

Please click on the link below to experience Adeste Fideles (O Come, All Ye Faithful), arranged by Michael Cox, performed by Vivian Adel-Boot.

View on YouTube HERE.