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Lakeshore Community Chorus Concert and Community Activities Postponed for Our Spring 2020 Session.

In light of health and safety concerns surrounding COVID-19, Lakeshore Community Chorus has decided to postpone its spring session — including all rehearsals, its May 17, 2020 Tenth Anniversary Concert at Saugatuck Center for the Arts, and all other activities previously scheduled in conjunction with its spring 2020 Tenth Anniversary.

In reaching this difficult decision, the LCC board considered the possibility that coronavirus impacts could ease by the time of the May 17 concert. However, the health and safety of the chorus was a key deciding factor as the group meets to rehearse over the next weeks and months. Additionally, the various anniversary events are interrelated, and it made little sense to proceed with some but not others.

“As heart-wrenching as it is to call off our spring session, imagine the pain the chorus would feel if its gatherings furthered the adverse effects of the pandemic in our lakeshore communities,” said LCC President Larry Sharp. “Our actions are consistent with decisions being made about other activities in our area, as well as with expert advice about group gatherings.”

LCC’s anniversary activities in the community are being deferred, not canceled:

  • Fall/Holiday Concert in December is in the planning stages.
  • Rescheduling 10th Anniversary spring concert for May 2021. That concert will include the debut performance of the choral work “Spirit of the Lake” commissioned by the chorus, with lyrics by Linda Nemec Foster, award-winning writer and first poet laureate of Grand Rapids, and music by David Brunner, internationally-acclaimed choral composer. Alumni singers, conductors, and accompanists are expected to take part.
  • Other anniversary activities will also be rescheduled for May 2021, including music and poetry residencies at local high schools with David Brunner and Linda Nemec Foster; a student art exhibit at the SCA featuring “Postcards from the Lake” illustrating the commissioned piece; and a pre-concert “creative conversation” with Foster and Brunner.

“Stay tuned,” said artistic director Nancy Plantinga. “We’ve planned some exciting events to celebrate our anniversary, and they will delight our lakeshore communities in 2021 just as much as they would have this year.”

The Lakeshore Community Chorus, an adult non-profit organization located in the Saugatuck/Douglas region of Western Michigan, is dedicated to the performance of varied choral music for the benefit, education and enjoyment of its members and surrounding lakeshore communities.

Our chorus is thrilled to be able to perform at various venues throughout our area. We offer concerts at the end of our two sessions every year and sing at a variety of local functions as well.

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