Consider Making an Investment in the Artistry of our Chorus

The arts scene in our community continues to flourish and thrive because of the generous and supportive donations of our neighbors, family, and friends. Members of our audience and community often ask how they can financially assist the chorus. Our continued success is only possible through generous contributions from donors like you. Your tax-deductible gift will be gratefully acknowledged with a personal letter and in our concert programs. Consider one of the following support levels.

Be a ClownDonation Levels

  • $25 – $99 Piano
  • $100 – $249 Mezzo Piano
  • $250 – $999 Mezzo Forte
  • $1000+ Forte
  • $2500+ Fortissimo

Ways to Donate:

Mail Donations to:
Lakeshore Community Chorus
P.O. Box 253
Douglas, MI 49406

Please include your name, address, and e-mail address.

Online Donations:
Donate using the secure PayPal link on this page.